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"The War Zone" is Western NY's premier outdoor airsoft field! Bringing you the best Mil-Sim airsoft experience since 2010!

The War Zone is roughly 18 acres in size, with approximately 200 wrecked vehicles and about 100 forts, buildings and bunkers, including 2-story structures. The playing field has a third-world, bombed-out, post apocalyptic theme, with mixed terrain of urban areas, hills, woods, scrub and fields.

The War Zone is a fully insured, safe, enclosed, well supervised and highly structured airsoft playing field that is open. In operation since 2010, we are committed to bringing honest and sportsmanlike airsoft players the very best airsoft experience at an affordable price.

The War Zone specializes in tactical, squad-based, objective-oriented airsoft games. Each week we employ different play variants to keep the experience fresh and interesting. We utilize lots of different cool props in the scenarios, and constantly re-invest time and money into the field building new structures, improving the staging area and expanding different zones.

The field is owned by five adult professional airsoft enthusiasts who not only manage the business, maintain the property, and referee games, but quite often also play alongside their customers. Several paid field marshals are also on staff too. All staff are first aid and CPR certified.

Nearly every weekend of the year (and some weekdays in the warmer months) we schedule games, weather permitting. The War Zone can also be reserved for private events. Rental equipment is available, too.

Open to ages 10 and up. All experience levels are welcome, including brand-new players.

Please note: This is an airsoft field, NOT a paintball field. We do not have anything to do with paintball sales, equipment or events.
Address: 6525 Walmore Road, Niagara Falls, NY 14304         Phone: (716) 525-8583          Email: info@thewarzoneairsoft.com

What are games like?

Games are run in a military simulation style, or "Mil-Sim", to give the players the sensation of real military missions and objectives. Teams are typically sub-divided into squads and assigned different parts of the entire mission. Radios (AKA "walkie-talkies") are used among all players to communicate and pass critical information. Working together as cohesive units is key to accomplishing the tasks and objectives and promotes team-building skills.

What kind of missions and objectives can I expect?

Games can take a huge variety of formats, which vary from event to event.
Typical Mil-Sim missions might include:
~Planting fake bombs on enemy locations to destroy them
~Locate and retrieve a downed pilot
~Infiltrate an embassy and steal a laptop containing critical data
~Find and recover the flight data recorder from a crashed aircraft
~Capture and maintain control of key strategic locations, indicating possession with flags
~Intercept an enemy courier to steal top secret documents in a briefcase
~Capture enemy logistic sites such as fuel depots or ammo caches
~Prevent a terrorist group from assembling the components of a nuclear weapon
~Foil a terrorist plot to deploy chemical weapons on an urban target
~Escort & protect a VIP from headquarters to a helicopter extraction point
~Disrupt a black-market arms deal    …..and lots more!!
What does it cost to attend regular games?

Skirmish: $20 per player. Typically 3-4 hours of continuous play.

~"Skirms" are the most common format played, a friendly "pick-up" style, where teams/squads will be formed on the spot with whomever shows up on that particular day.

Night skirmish: $25 per player. Typically 3-4 hours of continuous play, but at night!

~"Night skirms" take place a few times a year, usually during the Summer on or around full moon weekends. Some special rules and equipment apply, like mandatory weapon-mounted flashlights and glowstick kill rags, and first-time players are ineligible for night games. A very unique experience to play airsoft under the moonlight!

Operation: $30 per player, usually, but can vary. Generally, 4-8 hours of continuous play, but games have gone as long as 18 hours or have been split across two day periods.

~"Ops" are larger, longer, more elaborate scenario-type games and involve more complicated rules, objectives and strategy.

See the "Open Play" page for more information.
What are the fees and requirements to rent the field for a private event?

~Private parties can be birthday parties, graduation parties, bachelor parties, corporate team-building events, or the like.

Please see the "Private parties" page for detailed information and pricing.

Law enforcement, military or government agency training:

The War Zone is available to rent for tactical training by military, law enforcement and government agencies. Units may use airsoft or Simunitions in their training.

The War Zone can provide an extremely competent and very challenging Opposing Force (OpFor) if needed for your training. We are also skilled role-players. Up to several dozen talented individuals as OpFor or NPC's can be mustered if we are given proper notice. Normally, this service is free or a nominal charge.

Agencies are able to rent the field for full day periods, or longer if needed. Aggressive pricing is available. Contact us to discuss your training needs.

Please see the "Private parties" page for additional information


Cash is preferred, but we also accept all major credit/debit cards (including those with smart chips). For corporate events, business checks can be made out to "The War Zone, LLC".

Required equipment to play at The War Zone:

~ ANSI Z87.1 and/or ASTM F-1776-99a rated (or greater) ballistic eye protection.
     (Full face protection required if player under 18 years old.) *
~ Boots, gloves and long pants.
~ Hard-shell kneepads.*
~ Bright orange or red cloth "kill rag" of at least 12" x 12" square.*
~ Waiver on file (notarized if player under 18 years old and parent is not present to sign in front of staff).
~ 22-channel FRS/GMRS radio. (Exception: private parties.) *
~ Field-issued, individually numbered backtag. (Exception: private parties.)
~ Watch or other time-keeping device.
~ Camouflage clothing preferred, though civilian clothes may be worn. Please make every effort to clearly dress either in light colors (“tan team”) or in dark colors (“green team”). Avoid half-tan, half-green modes of dress.
* = items may be rented for a modest fee.
When do we play?

We play virtually every Sunday of the year, provided the weather is above freezing or not pouring rain. In the Summer, we also try to do a great many Saturdays, as well as a couple of games during the week (usually Tuesday or Friday evenings).

Please see the "Events" page for links to where games are posted each week.

Quick links for more information:

To download tactical maps of the field to print out on your home or office printer, see the "Tactical Map" page. Laminating your map is highly recommended!

To download the rules and the waiver, click here. All players MUST read the rules and have a waiver on file.

To view pictures of games at the field on Google Photos, click here. To view pictures of games at the field on Facebook, click here.

For directions to the field, click here.

Social media information can be found here.


To reach us by phone, call or text The War Zone's voice mail at (716) 525-8583.


Our email address is info@thewarzoneairsoft.com