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"The War Zone" is Western NY's greatest airsoft field! Conveniently located 20 minutes from Buffalo and just a few minutes from Niagara Falls, The War Zone is about 18 acres in size and has an urban/industrial/post-apocalyptic feel, befitting its origin as an old junkyard.

In operation since 2010, we are committed to bringing honest and sportsmanlike airsoft players the very best airsoft experience at an affordable price. The War Zone is a fully insured, safe, well supervised and highly structured airsoft playing field.

The War Zone specializes in tactical, squad-based, objective-oriented airsoft games. Each week we employ different play variants to keep the experience fresh and interesting. We employ lots of different cool props in the scenarios, and constantly re-invest time and money into the field building new structures and expanding different areas.

Nearly every weekend of the year we schedule games. The War Zone can also be reserved for private events. Rental guns are available, too.

All approved players aged 10 and up may play at The War Zone during publically posted game dates. All players under 16 may be left unattended, but this is a privilege, not a right. We do ask that a parent/guardian provide a contact phone number to staff if they wish to just drop off their child or children. Very occasionally, some format dates are only open to adults aged 16 and up (younger players may be allowed if specifically pre-screened or playing with an approved adult).

Please note: This is an airsoft field, NOT a paintball field. We do not have anything to do with paintball sales, equipment or events.

The War Zone may also be rented any time during the week for use as a law enforcement or military training facility. Airsoft or Simunitions may be used. Staff, OpFor and NPC's can be provided to enhance your training program. Please email us or stop by The War Store to discuss your training needs.

For more information, see the other sections of this website.

Other contact options:

You can contact us via email at info@thewarzoneairsoft.com

You can call The War Store for more information at 716-876-9693

Or, you can visit The War Store at 1155 Sheridan Dr., Tonawanda, NY 14150.
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