Generally, The War Zone tries to have at least one game per week, year round (weather permitting, of course). Sunday is our big day, so we try to play every Sunday (usually 11am-3pm) but sometimes we throw other days in too, so keep a watch on the places listed below!

Each week, after consulting the weather outlook for the next week, we decide if there will be a game(s) scheduled.

In the warmer months (March-November, typically), we usually post up the game(s) around Tuesday of each week. In the colder months (December-February, typically), we usually wait until Thursday each week to decide (to get the most accurate weather forecast for the weekend).

Special events, like operations or night games, we try to run in the warmer months and post up several weeks in advance.

Thus, each week, players can find out The War Zone game schedule by looking in one of the following places:

1) On the Buffalo Airsoft forum in The War Zone section and on the calendar.

2) On The War Zone Facebook page, usually in the "Events" section.
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