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The War Zone is available to be rented for private parties, birthday parties, corporate team-building events, bachelor parties, family picnics, etc.

The field can also be rented for miltary, law enforcement and gov't agencies for use as a tactical training facility.
Requirements for ALL players of rental events:

~Open to ages 10 and up. All experience levels are welcome.

~If any players have played airsoft before and possess their own equipment, it is HIGHLY recommended that they bring it.

~Each player MUST wear long pants, boots (NO sneakers!) and gloves; these items are not provided by us.

~Each player MUST read the rules and sign the waiver. Download the .PDF file and print the waiver and condensed ruleset here.

     ~Adults (ages 18 and up) can fill out and sign the waiver themselves.
     ~Minors (ages 10-17) must have the waiver filled out by their parent or legal guardian.
          The parent must sign the waiver in front of a staff member.
          NOTE! If the parent is not present to sign the waiver in person (e.g. your child is carpooling to the field with another parent), then that parent must have the waiver notarized in advance and brought along by your child. (It's the only way we would know your signature is legitimate if you're not there in person!)

~Minors will be required to wear full face protection. Adults may elect to just wear goggles. Both types of protection are available at the field.
Field Rental for Private Events

Family fun? Corporate events? Tactical training? The War Zone is the place to go!
Private party field rental:

- Fee(s) and basic info:   
$300 to rent the field for 3 hours (minimum of 10 players).
$20 per additional person (i.e. for the 11th player and beyond).
Included in party price is a rental gun, battery, eye/face protection, knee pads, kill rag and one filled magazine of approximately 400 BB's for any players without their own equipment. (Maximum rental packages that can be accomodated is 30.)

Additional BB's can be purchased on-site: $12 for a 2700 count bottle of 0.25g BBs (generally enough for 1-2 people for a day). If you are renting our guns then you MUST purchase our BB's to use in them.

-Days/Times: 12pm-3pm on Saturdays is the standard time slot available for private parties, though other days/times can be arranged. Sundays are nearly always reserved for regular play dates, so renting the field on a Sunday is generally an impossibility.

- Ages: Open to ages 10 and up.

- Game style: Variable. We can design and provide scenarios for your enjoyment, or you can design your own. Regardless, all rules of The War Zone must still be obeyed. We have many cool props that can be incorporated into the games, too.

- Clothing: No uniform requirements, though an effort should be made to have players dress such as to have at least two distinct teams (for example, black T-shirts vs. grey T-shirts, or dark camo vs. light camo). We can provide colored armbands also.

- Radios ("Walkie-Talkies"): Not required for private events, though highly recommended. Bring them if you have any, or we have standard 22-channel radios available for rent for $5 each.

- Other notes:

-We need to have at least 10 days notice to schedule a private event. A 50% non-refundable (except in case of adverse weather) deposit is required at the time reservations are made, with the balance due on game day.

-The private party should confer with us 3 days prior to game day to verify weather conditions; if adverse weather is predicted, the event may be canceled or rescheduled at that time.

-We do not run events if the temperature is below freezing, or heavy rain with below 45 degree temps.

-There is no electricity on-site. The only bathroom facilities are one outhouse.

-You must provide your own food and beverages. Portable grills, pizza delivery, bringing your own food/drink, or catering are permitted.
Corporate team-building events:

All of the above-posted information is applicable to corporate team-building events. Additional information and/or changes below:

-We can accomodate event dates other than Saturdays for corporate outings. Several weeks notice works best for us for this type of scheduling. Mondays work great for us but other weekdays can be rented too.

-Longer rental periods than 3 hours are also available. Contact us for special rates for longer time slots.

-We have lots of cool props and can design games and scenarios to force your employees to work together as squads or teams to complete the missions and objectives. Let us help you create a fun, strategic and successful event!

-Radios, while not required, are absolutely key for effective communication and should be strongly considered for team-building events. Radios can be rented for $5 each. Each team/squad/group will be issued their own radio channel to operate on.

-Photography of your event is available.
Law enforcement, gov't and military training events:

All of the above-posted information is applicable to tactical training events. Additional information and/or changes below:

-We can accomodate event dates other than Saturdays for tactical training. Several weeks notice works best for us for this type of scheduling. Mondays work great for us but other weekdays can be rented too with sufficient notice.

-Special pricing and full day rental periods are available for training for LE/MIL/Gov't agencies. Please email or call us to discuss your project.

-Airsoft or Simunitions may be used.

-The War Zone can provide an extremely competent and very challenging Opposing Force (OpFor) if needed for your training. We are also skilled role-players and can act as NPC's. Up to several dozen talented individuals can be mustered if we are given proper notice. Normally, this service is free or a nominal charge.

-Your privacy is assured. Staff observation of your exercises can be minimal, and photography will not be permitted (unless you authorize it) to protect the identities of your operators.
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